Progress Tracker

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A flexible SASS component to illustrate the steps in a multi step process e.g. a multi step form, a timeline or a quiz.

Its written in SASS using flexbox to be flexible and responsive. It can be easily customized, includes many possible layouts and works in all major browsers from IE10 up.



$ npm install progress-tracker --save


$ bower install progress-tracker --save


Once you have downloaded the code, run the commands below to view the demo site.

$ npm install
$ gulp serve

You can also import progress-tracker.scss into your own project directly and modify as needed. You can also optionally import progress-tracker-animations.scss to add animations and progress-tracker-theme.scss for quicker theming.

The JS that is part of this site is just for demonstration purposes, add your own JS as needed to toggle the classes for the step states.

Follow the HTML code example below for basic usage; each demo sets the first two steps as complete, the third step as active and the last two steps as inactive.

For additional styles add modifier classes and additional markup as needed in the examples below. You can add multiple modifier classes to achieve additional styles that those shown below.

<ul class="progress-tracker">
  <li class="progress-step is-complete">
    <span class="progress-marker"></span>
  <li class="progress-step is-complete">
    <span class="progress-marker"></span>
  <li class="progress-step is-active">
    <span class="progress-marker"></span>
  <li class="progress-step">
    <span class="progress-marker"></span>
  <li class="progress-step">
    <span class="progress-marker"></span>


Basic usage

Center aligned markers

Right aligned markers

Numbers or letters in the markers


Spaced markers

Small amount of text on markers

Left aligned text

Centered aligned text

Right aligned text

Longer text on markers

Left aligned text

Center aligned text

Right aligned text

Link surrounding each step

Text above markers

Text beside markers

Square markers

Small screen optimised <400px

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

  • Step 4

  • Step 5

Animations - Click on a step to see the effect

Ripple effect

Large ripple effect

Double ripple effect

Fill path when step is complete - Click on a step to see the effect

Vertical layout